Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day-long occupations end at car-parts plants

This event took place about two years ago. These workers fought and made some changes and somethings stayed the same. They were able to protecet millions dollar of potential servance pay, but they didn't get exactly what they wanted. This connects to "The Take", workers are fighting for what they need and were being taking away from them. The difference is the workers in "The Take" didn't have a union to stand behind them. Maybe if they had an organized union, their right would have been protected and have a better chance at the battle.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stranger's Touch

In respond to a the article a Stranger,s Touch, I think this a perfect example of emotional labor. The worker has act and feel a certain way because it is her job and if you don't you get penalized. The employers are taking advantage, by reducing their employee's pay or even steel their hour when they could. That is a illegal, it is a crime. Employers are steeling pay from their employee's, because they know they are non-English speaking immigrants and feel they need this job bad enough that they are going to stay no matter what. Its bad enough the kind of job that they do and these workers still have to worry about if the boss is going to steal from from them. I can't believe this is happening in new york city, I expect this in some third world country. This is the same problem that occurs in the bead factory in china, that make mardi gras bead. In that sense the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Those lower class workers, who are non-English speakers has no oppertunity to move up the ladder in the business.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something Interesting at Work

I was at work a couple nights ago, when we was having our periodic meeting. Our periodic meetings are usally is a feedback of how the company is doing in the economy. Since the economy isn't doing well, we been facing alot of changes. Our company is constantly making changes, so we could adapt to the economy. The changes are basically to save the company money. We as workers are doing more work with less staff. In one way of looking at the situation is at least I still have a job. During one of those meeting my manager said the company is considering closing our station down and expanding more in Asia. He didn't mention the cause for that, but I believe the reason is lower cost for operation. Globalizion is not only effecting third world country workers, it also effects first world country workers. However globalization would be saving my company more money. Globalization is like a coin, with a good side and a bad side. Someone will benefit from globalization and someone will suffer from globalization.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Essay 3 Questions


The immigrant Mother who is a caregiver

Are the love for children of migrant mothers effected even if the children migrates with the mother, althought the mother works as a caregiver?


How do you identify yourself? What is your title?
How do others identify you? How does others feel about your career?
How did you get involved? What inspired you?
How do you feel about your salary? How does contribute to making a living?
What is rewarding about your job? how does it makes you feel?
What do you feel need some changes about your job? What could changes could be made?
How do you compare your job to other jobs? What do you feel about other jobs?
Do you make a good role model for your kids? What about the kids you work with?
What impact you might have on your kids? What about the kids you work with?
How many kids you have? How do feel about your kids future?
How is the realationship between you and your kids?
What do your kids mean to you?
Do you work with kids? How many? How is the realationship with you and the kids you work with?
Why did you come to the U.S.? What has it offered you? How do appreciate it?
Why that career?
How do you think your kids feel about their realtionship with you?
Did you feel you made the right choices? If you could change the choices you made would you?
Would you still have migrated to the U.S. even if your kids couldn't come? Why?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who I want to interview?

I was considering someone that I know well a women that is a caregiver. She is a migrant women and she has kids of her own, however her kids are living with her U.S. She obviously migrated to the U.S. looking for a better life. I think she is a great candidate, because she similar to the women in love and gold. I was wondering is there a connection between her story and the women from love and gold. It is interesting, because this women has her kids with her here in the U.S. and the women from love and gold has her children back home. Another candidate is a person I know who is a low-waged woker with a kids, wife and a house. He even has a new vehicle. He seems fairly happy. I am curious about the comparison between this low-waged worker and the other I read about. What make these people who make the similar money to live different life styles. Finally I have a friend, that did physical labor and went to school for what he did. He now works a job that isn't physical then got promoted with the title, but not the pay due to his lack of certification. That sound interesting, I wonder if he is satisfied with the status that comes without pay increase. I read alot of interesting things about status in the texts.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Has class shaped my beliefs of different work by gender?

Yes, class did shape my beliefs of what jobs are right for a male and a female. Men had all the more physical jobs. Physical job like a construction worker, factory worker or police officer. Women had more a of a less physical job. Less physical jobs like a housewife, health aid, or store clerk. Men always had the more respectable career like a business man. While growing up middle class I couldn't picture a female police officer, because I hardly ever saw it, but today's it is typical. I never saw a business women either. When I was a kid, I went to the city where I saw a bunch of business women that I thought never existed. It did exist, but not in my community,but in wealthy communities. I never saw a female construction worker up to this day, I know they existed. I guess as time changed some roles of gender changed and some roles of gender just stayed the same. No matter how much roles of gender changed or didn't, you learned what your society raised you too. What I mean is that you grew up thinking a police officer isn't right for a women it is a man's job, that what you will still believe even thought it is totally accetable to society in the present time.

what is work?

What Levine is saying in his poem that one don't know what work is or never done it. In Barbra Ehrienrich's book also show that others may not know about others work, because they never done it. In her experiment she learned about the work others done that she never did. In the Terkel's book Working, he interveiwed people of different work and learned about there experiences. I agree with what Levine's poem is say about work. I can't judge another persons work if it is not my work. I can't say some have a low status job because he is a janitor or say someone has a high status job because he is a police officer. The janitor might be making more money then the police officer, now who have more status? Bottom line you can't judge a book by the cover.